Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stormy Morning

Today is Thursday, which means I have a 6:30 AM lab that lasts 3 hours. Yes that is correct, a very, very long 3 hour lab which starts at 6:30! Since the fiance loves me, he so graciously gets up at 6, comes and picks me up, and takes me to my lab so I do not have to walk the 20 minutes to get to the building. started as any other Thursday, he came and picked me up, dropped me off, and as I was getting out of the car, walking into the building, it started to thunder, which at 6:30 am, doesn't trigger the fact that it is probably going to rain. Then, in the middle of class the storm hits, and I all of the sudden realize, I have neither a jacket nor an umbrella with me!
So as class ends, I had to walk all the way across campus in the rain with only a newspaper to cover my face.
I just got to my class, and I had to spend 5 minutes washing my hands of all the ink that was on them from holding the paper and when I looked up into the mirror I realized.......



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