Thursday, October 27, 2011

The signs should clue me in. Period.

Every month something happens to me that makes me a little, er, crazy: I feel like crying when my boss doesn't say hi to me at work; when Paden says he likes my new pumpkin bread, I scream, "What, it isn't good as your grandma's?"; I feel like every shirt has shrunk; when I see a brownie at work, I can't do or think of anything until I have eaten it and a few of it's friends too.

Somehow I never realize that my behavior is a little irrational, that Paden is probably really just saying that he likes my cooking, with no hidden meaning behind it, and that no one has switched all my clothes with smaller versions. As soon as that time of the month comes around, I manage to see what my poor husband and cat have seen for the last couple of days...pms has officially taken over my mind.

I recently read a study in a magazine that stated over half of women make up their pms....whoa, whoa, whoa folks! This study was obviously done by men : ) No, but seriously, who are these women that would make up what they go through each month. And wwwhhhyyyy? The best part about my period is it is the only time of the month that I don't give a damn that I have just eaten half of Target's candy aisle. Other than that, there is nothing good to make up here!

I'd say whoever is making it up, just so happens to be crazier than I am!

Monday, August 29, 2011

...and he has a penis too

I live with a male now.
A male, a man, a dude... and he sweats, burps, drinks a beer a night, is obsessed with sports, and plays video games. He also makes noises, pees while standing (so jealous), has really big shoes that take up my closet floor, and has an underwear radius that has now made it to the porch where he comes out in his boxerbriefs to tell me goodbye in the bright of the morning. He watches westerns and reads war books.

I'm used to living with girls. Girls who I can share shoes with, drink a glass of wine with, watch chick flicks, and read their magazines.

But I love my man: he builds me bookcases, hangs my shelves & pictures, helps me clean, makes me dinner (translate: takes me out to eat), buys me bottles of wine, and gives me footrubs.

So even though it takes a little getting used to living with someone who spends less than 5 mintues in the bathroom (hey, I guess that's a good thing for me!) I love living with my man!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I got my dress, finally! It took me a while to make that final decision (hello! its a HUGE decision) but once I did it felt so great. I loved this one dress, but I was just afraid that maybe there would be another one out there that I would end up liking more. Just like when I listen to the radio, a great song might come on, but I always feel the need to see what else is on, just in case a song I like more is on. No one seems to understand this, but since my family loves me, they were really helpful and patient throughout the whole process, which made it soo fun.
Almost every dress I tried on I loved, which made it that much harder. Wedding dresses just make you feel so pretty, which I was not expecting. First of all, I'm vampire-ish white, so I didn't think they would look good on me, but it doesn't matter what you look like, you put on a wedding dress and you feel like a princess and since Kate Middleton is taking my chances away from ever being a real queen, I guess I'll just have to live with the prince I have : )

Friday, December 3, 2010

6 months, 1 day, and a few hours

The wedding is coming , the wedding is coming!!

I can't believe that it is already December! My second to last semester is wrapping up, Christmas is is three weeks away, and my list of things to do for the wedding somehow seems to be growing, and never shrinking!

So far I've accomplished:
  • finding the dress
  • finding the church
  • finding the reception hall
  • getting a DJ and videographer
  • having my engagement pictures taken
That is a tiny, tiny list..but it seemed like so much!

But the to do list, oh the to do list, its lengthy, long and horrible:
  • get bridesmaids fitted
  • pick out and buy invitations
  • contract a caterer
  • taste cake and order one
  • figure out decorations for ceremony & reception
  • post engagement picture in newspapers
  • address invitations
  • get groomsmen, ushers, etc. fitted
  • pick out flowers
  • take wedding preparation classes
  • register for gifts
  • mail out invites
  • call hotels and get room blocks
  • figure out honeymoon

...and so much more (according to the a total of 342 things)!

Oh well because luckily for me the fiance and the family are super supportive and help make every decision, which I love. Even though it is hectic planning my wedding while going to school and working, my fiance and family are helping to make this the best experience ever!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It must be a European thing....

On the third day of camp, our dishwashers came. I guess normally the dishwashers are typically guys from Texas or Mexico just looking for a summer job, but this year they decided to look elsewhere and hired four guys from Hungry, the country, the one in Europe, where they don't own proper bathing suits, yes that country. How do I know that they don't wear proper bathing suits you ask...WELL let me tell you:

When they arrived, we stopped what we were doing and met them, exchanged names, shook hands, that whole ordeal. The whole time I could not understand a word they were saying. They speak a limited amount of English, although now, I can understand them much more clearly, at the time, I was in total shock. We had to write their names down so we could remember them, they are: Lazlow, Gabor, Arpod, and Zoltan.

The whole time we were meeting them, and the camp supervisors were giving them the rundown, they would not stop staring at us, which made us a little uncomfortable, but little did we know that the level of uncomfortableness (is this a word?) was about to magnify by about 534%!

So a couple of days later, Katie and I decided we need to work on our tans and head down to the river. As we are walking down, I see some guys ahead getting ready to get on these large surf-board-looking things at the same spot we were going to go lay out. As we get closer, I said something along the lines of, "Hey Katie, I think those are the dishwashers" two beats later, "Oh my gosh, I think they are wearing Speedos...ahhhhhh!" So we take a hard left and find another spot down river away from their ummm selves...

Right after we lay down, we hear "MOOOORRRGGGAAANNN" in a sing-song tone, and not just once, no, they kept saying it over and over again. Both Katie and I didn't know what to do, so we just stayed there and tried to pretend we were sleeping, but we were laughing the whole time. All of a sudden, we realize they are coming down the river on their surf boards, and the laughing stopped and panic swept over our bodies. By this time Madeline, the third intern, is with us, and we are all sitting there, whispering, "Oh crap, what do we do??"

As they get closer, they start talking, and not wanting to be rude, we sit up to say hi, and what do we realize, oh no they aren't wearing speedos, which at least are meant to be in the water, they are wearing just their undies, and not boxers, because that would just be too nice, no they are wearing tightie-whities, that are ummm, how do I say this, clinging to certain areas. And to make matters worse, they are sitting on their boards with their legs dangling in the water. Trying to not throw up in my mouth, I am trying to answer questions they are asking, while Katie is sitting quietly in shock and Madeline is giggling. The whole time, I am either looking up at the sky or down at my fingernails, or giving Katie sideways looks. Finally, we get up to leave and basically sprint away from the river.

The whole time, we just kept saying, "Maybe it's a European thing, and they don't realize that you don't wearing your undies to go swimming at kids summer camp!" Oh well, it sure was an interesting to meet someone, and in this case, all of them!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

a letter

Dear Kansas:
Oh how I miss you! I miss how your McDonald's has the Big N' Tasty on the dollar menu. I miss how people wave, smile, and ask how your day was. I miss your gorgeous sunsets. I miss your subtleness, like your too shy to let the other states know how amazing you are. Shipoopi misses your small, rolling hills and absolutely hates these steep inclines here.

Speaking of her...

Dear Shipoopi:
Thank you for bringing me to Texas and please make it back to Kansas with me safe and sound. I know your getting old and your knees are tired, but I promise sooner rather then later I'll get you to a nice retirement home, where you'll no longer have to try to make it up hills or deal with my crazy lead have to get me back home first, or else missy!

Dear Manhattan:
Are you still doing construction everywhere? If so, can you please make it go away before I come back! Oh and can you work on the whole draining issue because it rains a lot and you flood way to easy. Also, Shipoopi, my roommates, and myself would greatly appreciate it if you could make our alley flat, no pot holes, and preferably paved!

Dear Fiance:
Mmm I miss you, I miss your smell, your smile, your ears, how you understand that my toes get cold and I need someone to sit on them or how I get all stressed out and freak out and you always come me down. I miss the way you make me laugh to tears, I miss our comfortable silences, our movie nights, our late night WalMart runs, everything..basically I miss your you.

Dear Family:
I miss you miss me? I was hoping to have a call, a text, or an email from some family member every once in a while, but nothing. I am the only one who hasn't got any mail, but that's okay, I know you guys are busy. I love you all to pieces and can't wait to see you. It's weird to think you guys are getting ready for the fair, or going to the lake, or the pool, or going on vacations, or moving on, or catching up, and I am not there to see it all happen. I pray for you all and hopefully everything is good up north! I love you and can't wait for a big hug from each of you!

Dear Camp:
I dislike you, I am sorry to say, but shortly I will break up with you and it'll be one of the best days ever! I dislike that there are only a handful of other females. I dislike how all these males have more drama then an all-girl high school. I dislike how the campers are rude, don't know the words please and thank you, and complain about everything. I dislike how you took me away from my family. I dislike how you make me work 12 hours a day in a kitchen that has no A/C, old equipment, and mean Hungarian dishwashers who wear only their tighty-whities when they go swimming, gross! (This will be another blog for another time). I do like the fact, though, that you have taught me I can handle work in tough situations, i.e having two supervisors go through in less than 4 weeks. I also like the fact that you brought me a new friend, whom I love! Also, I guess, I like the fact that you pay me, so that I can get married woot woot!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On Sunday, I made my way to camp! I had a fun time on this part of the road trip because I didn't have to hurry and get there and was able to enjoy the ride. During this 5 hour drive I saw:
  • a crawfish festival (the town was packed and their downtown was full of tourist shops)
  • the pecan capital of the world (the town's symbol was a pecan tree colored like the Texas flag, go figure hehe!)
  • a winery (I regret not stopping)
  • huge pecan tree groves
  • Dr. Pepper's hometown (I shed a few happy tears when I passed through)
  • about a million cemetery's
  • plenty of dead armadillos
  • extremely high fences (this can only mean they are raising giraffes right?)
  • a motorcycle rally
  • a quirky thrift store on the side of the road called Wispey's
  • gorgeous wild flowers

I loved the whole trip, and it made me really excited as I was heading down to camp. So excited, that I wanted to move here, but we'll just have to see what I think at the end of the summer!