Friday, December 3, 2010

6 months, 1 day, and a few hours

The wedding is coming , the wedding is coming!!

I can't believe that it is already December! My second to last semester is wrapping up, Christmas is is three weeks away, and my list of things to do for the wedding somehow seems to be growing, and never shrinking!

So far I've accomplished:
  • finding the dress
  • finding the church
  • finding the reception hall
  • getting a DJ and videographer
  • having my engagement pictures taken
That is a tiny, tiny list..but it seemed like so much!

But the to do list, oh the to do list, its lengthy, long and horrible:
  • get bridesmaids fitted
  • pick out and buy invitations
  • contract a caterer
  • taste cake and order one
  • figure out decorations for ceremony & reception
  • post engagement picture in newspapers
  • address invitations
  • get groomsmen, ushers, etc. fitted
  • pick out flowers
  • take wedding preparation classes
  • register for gifts
  • mail out invites
  • call hotels and get room blocks
  • figure out honeymoon

...and so much more (according to the a total of 342 things)!

Oh well because luckily for me the fiance and the family are super supportive and help make every decision, which I love. Even though it is hectic planning my wedding while going to school and working, my fiance and family are helping to make this the best experience ever!

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