Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Telephone Games

Tonight was our annual telefund here at KSU, actually the college of Human Ecology has done it the past 3 nights, but tonight was the only night I could help. Basically we call all of our alumni, begging, pleading, almost crying, trying to get them to give us money for our college so we can get scholarships, ect. I participated to get more points for a club, so I can go on a trip with them to Chicago for the NRA show (woot woot)!!! That's another story though...tonight I got hung up on, sworn at, and laughed at, BUT I had some nice people who gave some money or said they would but couldn't because of the economy. One poor lady had just got laid off, I felt so bad for her especially since I was asking for money (way to shove it in geez).

The best part about it though: I walked away with two free shirts! Oh yeah baby, want college kids to help with anything?Give them some clothes or food! Seriously, need college kids to clean up poop: give them some food, they'll do it for free, want them to sign a petition for something silly like banning tv, which would be insane, but give me some food or clothes and oh yah, my John Hancock is on that for sure! Tonight I got both because I also got some peanut butter cookies and plenty of snacks the whole evening so really I couldn't go wrong. I also won a space pen, which is this pen that you can write upside down with, in grease, in below freezing weather or in space. I guess a KSU grad invented it and now NASA uses it. So if I'm ever in Antarctica trying to write a letter in grease while being upside down, I'll have no problems. Plus I have two shirts to help keep me warm and some Wheat Thins to munch on. Man, college sure prepares you for anything : ).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Empy Apartment

Over the past couple of days, I have been searching for a place to live next year with two of my roommates. Everyday, I get the newspaper and scratch out everyplace that isn't 3 bedrooms, is too expensive or has the wrong date. Its been pretty stressful, but I think we found it!!! Last Friday, we went and looked at 5 total places which makes for a long day and they start getting jumbled in my mind ahh! One of the apartments we looked at, smelled like cat pee with a little marijuana mixed in. It had mold in the bathtub and a bed in a closet. Needless to say, this wasn't exactly the one we wanted. The one we all fell in love with has a fireplace, a study room, it's two stories, plus the owners pay for water and trash woohoo!! We are all pretty excited about it and are going to go sign the lease tomorrow! Now we just have to decide how to decorate it : )

Thursday, February 12, 2009

All the Worst

The other day I really had the "Spring Cleaning" feeling hit me. So I decided I'd get organized, clean the house, and enjoy the nice weather while jamming out to some tunes. Well we didn't have a mop, so I decided to got the Dollar Tree and get one. I also needed to buy some paper dividers, so I went ahead and got them too. I was pretty proud of myself with my $3.22 purchase, I was ready to change the world (or my room at least)! I started mopping my kitchen first, and that stupid mop didn't even last long enough to finish half of the kitchen. It started falling off, crumbling to pieces, and making a bigger mess for me to clean up. I was ticked, but once I threw it in the dumpster and slammed the top, I was feeling a little better. Plus I remembered I had just got those dividers, so I could get my school work organized. Well, those dang dividers hole punches were off so they wouldn't fit into a notebook, and they hole re-enforcers were probably thinner than the paper, so I tossed them too! Probably the worst spring cleaning day I've ever had!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun

Tonight, during work, while I was folding my thousands of towels, I was singing right along with the radio. I love to sing, even have the nickname American Idol from my bro-in-law. The only problem is I'm awful with lyrics! Often times I come to a part I don't know in the song, so I just make up words or sing jibberish until it comes to a part I know (typically the chorus). Well last night the song, I Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun by Trace Adkins came on, sure enough I start singing, and for the first time in my life I realized that the lyrics went:
Too much fun whats that mean
It's like too much money, there's no such thing
It's like a girl too pretty, with too much class
I had always sang it: It's like a girl too pretty with too much glass. Now I knew this didn't make sense (well I hope I knew this), but I honest to goodness thought this is what he sang. I just figured it was one of the phrases I never understood. Well finally, after singing this song since I was probably 4, I got the lyrics right!! So take that all you doubters : )

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Money Talks

On Monday, I received my very first paycheck from my new job! I was pretty excited especially because the number in my bank account kept getting lower and lower and would much enjoy the boost. So the next day, I receive this phone call from an unknown number, so I decided not to answer it. I checked my voicemail, and it was from my bank explaining to me that they simply could not except my check, and I needed to come in. I just knew I was in some sort of trouble with the law or something extreme. I was near a panic attack when I went in, thinking they were going to beat me down or have me arrested for a hot check or something along those lines. Come to find out, the printer messed up when it printed my check, and I was able to get it all worked out through my work, so it was nothing I did (thank goodness!). Never again, though, do I want to receive a phone call from my bank. It is just too bad for my health!

Happy Birthday

Just wanted to give a shout out to my little bro!!! He turned 9 today woohoo! Oh the joys of playground fun, learning to multiply, and having to deal with those awful chores...I miss those days. I love you Ethan, you are more amazing than you will ever know! I pray that you will follow God and grow up to be a strong man of God. Love you : )

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm On the Football Team

Superbowl XLIII is now over, and I was so excited the Steelers won. I'm actually a huge Chiefs fan, but my boyfriend loves the Steelers, so I was excited for him. I love the Superbowl! It is such a good time to get together with friends and football fans to have a party, eat great food, and laugh at all of those commercials, oh yeah and some great football. This year really brought the best of the best to the table, except the commercials, kind of lame, but I won't complain to much especially since it was such a good game. Hopefully next year I'll be able to see my Chiefs in it. Hey! A girl can hope can't she?!

Blonde Hair Blue Jeans

Yesterday during class I managed to get a huge purple dot from one of my permanent markers on my favorite blue jeans. These are the jeans that no matter what time of the month it is, what shirt I'm wearing, how much I've had to eat, they still fit and look good! I could not have these ruined. So needless to say, I totally panicked and ran out of my class to find the nearest bathroom. I scrubbed and scrubbed until my fingers blistered (well not quite, but might as well have been) and that dang stain would not come out. In my next class, I had to go to the front to talk to my class, and I was so embarrassed because I had just taken a drink of water and spilled it all down the front of my shirt. So not only did I have a wet shirt, but I had a huge wet spot on my jeans with a purple dot in the middle! I looked like a total train wreck. Finally though, I was able to get home, so I could really doctor this dang spot. I got a wash cloth and really started going at this spot, nothing really seemed to happen. Next, I got some detergent that claimed it had stain-fighting powers, so I thought this should really do the trick! It helped a little, but still the stain lived on, so I turned to google to try to save my favorite pair of jeans!!! After some finger nail polish remover, hair spray, and carpet cleaner, finally, finally they were saved. I'm not sure which one did the trick, but I do know that if it happens again, I'll be ready : )