Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Money Talks

On Monday, I received my very first paycheck from my new job! I was pretty excited especially because the number in my bank account kept getting lower and lower and would much enjoy the boost. So the next day, I receive this phone call from an unknown number, so I decided not to answer it. I checked my voicemail, and it was from my bank explaining to me that they simply could not except my check, and I needed to come in. I just knew I was in some sort of trouble with the law or something extreme. I was near a panic attack when I went in, thinking they were going to beat me down or have me arrested for a hot check or something along those lines. Come to find out, the printer messed up when it printed my check, and I was able to get it all worked out through my work, so it was nothing I did (thank goodness!). Never again, though, do I want to receive a phone call from my bank. It is just too bad for my health!

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