Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Telephone Games

Tonight was our annual telefund here at KSU, actually the college of Human Ecology has done it the past 3 nights, but tonight was the only night I could help. Basically we call all of our alumni, begging, pleading, almost crying, trying to get them to give us money for our college so we can get scholarships, ect. I participated to get more points for a club, so I can go on a trip with them to Chicago for the NRA show (woot woot)!!! That's another story though...tonight I got hung up on, sworn at, and laughed at, BUT I had some nice people who gave some money or said they would but couldn't because of the economy. One poor lady had just got laid off, I felt so bad for her especially since I was asking for money (way to shove it in geez).

The best part about it though: I walked away with two free shirts! Oh yeah baby, want college kids to help with anything?Give them some clothes or food! Seriously, need college kids to clean up poop: give them some food, they'll do it for free, want them to sign a petition for something silly like banning tv, which would be insane, but give me some food or clothes and oh yah, my John Hancock is on that for sure! Tonight I got both because I also got some peanut butter cookies and plenty of snacks the whole evening so really I couldn't go wrong. I also won a space pen, which is this pen that you can write upside down with, in grease, in below freezing weather or in space. I guess a KSU grad invented it and now NASA uses it. So if I'm ever in Antarctica trying to write a letter in grease while being upside down, I'll have no problems. Plus I have two shirts to help keep me warm and some Wheat Thins to munch on. Man, college sure prepares you for anything : ).

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