Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Working for the Weekend

I'm currently working two jobs right now. One is at the Fairfield Inn were I work at the front desk. Basically I deal with customers complaining and fold towels.


This is just a little bit, tiny, small part of the towels we have to fold. I'm talking thousands of towels, okay so maybe not quite that many, but way too much. Anyone who knows me, knows I really don't like to involve myself with anything that has to do with cleaning or folding, you guessed it, my roommates love me : ) (Honest, I'm not that bad, as long as you don't step in my room!)

Tonight, though, I worked with a wonderful woman, I'd call her my superhero. She folded all the towels for me! Three baskets full, and I didn't have to help one bit! So the whole time I was dealing with guests arguing with me about how to turn the shower on or get upset because they made the reservation for 2010 and not 2009 or not understand why I don't know how to direct them to the Fairfield Inn when they are calling from New York not Kansas, I was able to smile because I had no towels to fold!