Thursday, February 12, 2009

All the Worst

The other day I really had the "Spring Cleaning" feeling hit me. So I decided I'd get organized, clean the house, and enjoy the nice weather while jamming out to some tunes. Well we didn't have a mop, so I decided to got the Dollar Tree and get one. I also needed to buy some paper dividers, so I went ahead and got them too. I was pretty proud of myself with my $3.22 purchase, I was ready to change the world (or my room at least)! I started mopping my kitchen first, and that stupid mop didn't even last long enough to finish half of the kitchen. It started falling off, crumbling to pieces, and making a bigger mess for me to clean up. I was ticked, but once I threw it in the dumpster and slammed the top, I was feeling a little better. Plus I remembered I had just got those dividers, so I could get my school work organized. Well, those dang dividers hole punches were off so they wouldn't fit into a notebook, and they hole re-enforcers were probably thinner than the paper, so I tossed them too! Probably the worst spring cleaning day I've ever had!

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