Thursday, October 27, 2011

The signs should clue me in. Period.

Every month something happens to me that makes me a little, er, crazy: I feel like crying when my boss doesn't say hi to me at work; when Paden says he likes my new pumpkin bread, I scream, "What, it isn't good as your grandma's?"; I feel like every shirt has shrunk; when I see a brownie at work, I can't do or think of anything until I have eaten it and a few of it's friends too.

Somehow I never realize that my behavior is a little irrational, that Paden is probably really just saying that he likes my cooking, with no hidden meaning behind it, and that no one has switched all my clothes with smaller versions. As soon as that time of the month comes around, I manage to see what my poor husband and cat have seen for the last couple of days...pms has officially taken over my mind.

I recently read a study in a magazine that stated over half of women make up their pms....whoa, whoa, whoa folks! This study was obviously done by men : ) No, but seriously, who are these women that would make up what they go through each month. And wwwhhhyyyy? The best part about my period is it is the only time of the month that I don't give a damn that I have just eaten half of Target's candy aisle. Other than that, there is nothing good to make up here!

I'd say whoever is making it up, just so happens to be crazier than I am!

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