Monday, August 29, 2011

...and he has a penis too

I live with a male now.
A male, a man, a dude... and he sweats, burps, drinks a beer a night, is obsessed with sports, and plays video games. He also makes noises, pees while standing (so jealous), has really big shoes that take up my closet floor, and has an underwear radius that has now made it to the porch where he comes out in his boxerbriefs to tell me goodbye in the bright of the morning. He watches westerns and reads war books.

I'm used to living with girls. Girls who I can share shoes with, drink a glass of wine with, watch chick flicks, and read their magazines.

But I love my man: he builds me bookcases, hangs my shelves & pictures, helps me clean, makes me dinner (translate: takes me out to eat), buys me bottles of wine, and gives me footrubs.

So even though it takes a little getting used to living with someone who spends less than 5 mintues in the bathroom (hey, I guess that's a good thing for me!) I love living with my man!

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