Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Fight Between Colors

The fiance and I have decided on yellow as one of the wedding colors! It will be a spring wedding, and I am picturing a fun sunflowery-lemony-sunshiney-type of yellow. Now I just have to figure out the other color, ughh! Right now, I am between either blue or green as my second color.
I have thought about a navy or cobalt or royal as the blue similar to this inspiration board:
The green would be a lime-bright-fun green like these invitations:I can't seem to decide and am in need of some advice! So leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Miranda's Minutes said...

I love your yellow! It'll be so pretty. I like that with blue you could use one color of yellow and mix in lots of shades of blue. But green and yellow is also really fresh and springy and young!

My favorite is....wait I'm not going to tell you-because I just love both ideas. And that way I can't get in trouble by anyone.

Anonymous said...

just pick a color, a few weeks after the wedding, no one but you will remember the color scheme - just if the wedding was nice and the dance was fun!! Sorry for being practical love ya - MOM

Anonymous said...

either would be super super cute...but i kinda like the blue and yellow a little more. :D exciting decisions to be making. woohooo!!!