Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Easter Sunday was three days ago. On Easter Sunday, after church and lunch, I laid on a blanket in the park with the fiance, and I got sunburnt. This wasn't the sunburn that fades away in a day, no no no, this was a bad sunburn, which I can still feel everytime I put my bookbag on. It was that hot!
Yesterday as I was walking on camups my mouth would get dry, and I was out of breath going up hills cuz my big-fat-creamy-peanut-butter eating-butt isn't used to this heat yet. It was warm enough that I wore a t-shirt and shorts and didn't care how many people I blinded with my white legs because I haven't fake-baked.
But today, well today my friends, is a much different story. The weatherman tells me its 42 degrees but feels like 34. To me it feels like a good day to eat soup, drink hot cocoa, and snuggle by the fireplace in warm slippers and fuzzy sweaters. Instead I had to walk to class in the wind and rain with only a long sleeve shirt and a jacket on. I was hopeful that it wouldn't get this cold again and packed all of my winter clothes up and sent them home to Mom.
I don't know why I let Kansas weather fool me or why I put hope in it? Why do any of us native Kansans? We all know how Kansas weather is and that it'll snow one day and be 65 degrees the next. Somehow though, each year, we all pack our winter clothes up too early and this weather always comes as a surprise.
Hopefully next time, I won't let this bipolar weather catch me off guard, but as for now...I am just going to avoid being outside as much as possible, do my homework, and eat some creamy peanut butter!

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