Friday, January 30, 2009

Woman With the Dirty Feet

Usually when I work at the hotel, I bring along some nice socks. And by nice, I mean they match, aren't dirty or have holes in them, and do not have any crazy designs on them like most of my socks. I am kind of a sock fanatic. I love to wear mismatched fun colored socks!!
But back to my point, when I got to work today I realized the only socks I had were these white athletic ones, which I couldn't wear because of the shoes I wear at work. My shoes are slip-ons, and you can see what my socks look like, so I have to be very particular so my boss doesn't yell at me (she's a very petite scary lady, who can be sweet, but only on Fridays when she's going home). So since I couldn't wear my socks cause its a Thursday and she's still very grumpy, I just stuck on my shoes and went to work checking people in... and OH MY GOODNESS, I have terrible smelling feet!! Never before have I known this, but every time I'd take my shoes off to let my feet dry off from their sweat-i-ness, my stench would waft up to my nose, and I'd almost gag. Now that I'm home from work I'm going to have to scrub my feet and put an air freshener under my nose to hopefully make this smell go away! But honestly, I mean it couldn't have been my feet right?! it was the shoes that made them smell right?! Right, that's what I thought!

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