Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ballad of a Teenage Queen

My younger sister just turned 13!!! I could not believe it, she's now a teenager, a young adult, no longer a child. I feel so old : ( Since it's a big milestone in her life, my older sister Miranda and I decided to take her out to eat.
My older sister, Miranda, and Kylie, the birthday girl

It was such a blast especially since it was probably the first time the three of us had really ever hung out together. We were able to tell Kylie all about our embarrassing stories like when I dropped a feminine product in front of all the wrestlers my 8th grade year and about died of shock!! Talk about one of my worst moments in junior high, which is such a cruel age anyway, but I was quickly relieved when one of the wrestlers made a joke about having to ice his downstairs friends because he had gotten hurt there, so I was able to make a quick exit!
Seriously though, I hope that if she does have any questions or is just having a hard time dealing with all the life-or-death issues that junior high kids have to deal with (what dress to wear to the dance, who's dating who's crush, etc.) that she will feel free to come to one of us for help. I know when I was in junior high that it would have been nice to have someone to come to with questions instead of trying to figure it all out. My big sister didn't care much for me, and my mom didn't know how to communicate with me really (we are just now learning how to and she's quickly becoming one of my best friends), so I felt a little lost sometimes growing up. So here's to my little sister Kylie, who is now going to have to face the world head on! I hope that she always looks to God to help lead her on her path to adulthood, and she remembers her older sisters may not be able to give her the best advice, but we can always make her laugh. I love you sister always and forever.

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Miranda's Minutes said...

I'm sorry I wasn't a better big sister.