Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On Sunday, I made my way to camp! I had a fun time on this part of the road trip because I didn't have to hurry and get there and was able to enjoy the ride. During this 5 hour drive I saw:
  • a crawfish festival (the town was packed and their downtown was full of tourist shops)
  • the pecan capital of the world (the town's symbol was a pecan tree colored like the Texas flag, go figure hehe!)
  • a winery (I regret not stopping)
  • huge pecan tree groves
  • Dr. Pepper's hometown (I shed a few happy tears when I passed through)
  • about a million cemetery's
  • plenty of dead armadillos
  • extremely high fences (this can only mean they are raising giraffes right?)
  • a motorcycle rally
  • a quirky thrift store on the side of the road called Wispey's
  • gorgeous wild flowers

I loved the whole trip, and it made me really excited as I was heading down to camp. So excited, that I wanted to move here, but we'll just have to see what I think at the end of the summer!

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Miranda's Minutes said...

Exactly one year from today (June 5th) you will be a married woman, with a husband, and have already spent your honeymoon night hopefully in some romantic hotel, more sober than I was. Love you sister! (and I totally meant to do this yesterday, but hey- June 5, 2011 will be a good day too.)