Saturday, May 29, 2010


From telling all my friends who graduated this year to telling the fiance, I've learned that I am horrible at goodbyes. I think they suck actually, and I would rather just not go through them at all. With most of my friends, I tried avoiding it all together; I know that sounds horrible, but goodbyes scare me, and I start to panic, get sweaty, freak-out, and could possibly faint (okay so they aren't quite that bad, but you get my point). My friend Bethany came into the McDeli before she left the little apple, and I ended up hiding in the back and came out to give her a quick hug and then I dashed off, that's how bad I am.
Saying goodbye to the fiance for the summer was even worse! I always pride myself in not crying, but oh boy, the waterworks never seemed to quit this week. All of a sudden I would be laughing one minute and the next, I would start having tears sliding down my cheeks, and I could not make them stop. The fiance would just chuckle and say something like, "Gaw, grow up, you're such a loser." Okay.... maybe he was more like, "It's okay babe, it will only be for the summer and it will go by quick, plus think about what a great experience this is for you." He was my rock all week.
I was a blubbering mess last night before he left my house. It was really quite funny because I would try to stop and then all of a sudden I'd start sobbing all over again. This morning, when I went to see him at work, I did my best to keep it together, and I was doing really well. We talked a bit, kissed and hugged, and I was getting ready to get in the car, when he went and got me something and dang it, the tears started coming up again, from where I do not know because I thought I was all cried out. He handed me a CD with a paper that had all of the songs he had put on it and why he chose those songs. That's when the waterworks started up and just when I was getting ready to pat myself on the back for doing such a great job. Luckily though, he threw some songs in that made laugh like Crocodile Rock and Pinball Wizard. After my first few tears, I was able to stop so I wouldn't wreck and just started jamming out to my new CD that was made specially with me in mind and was reminded of how great the fiance actually is and it helped me forget all about that awful goodbye.

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