Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad day remedy

Yesterday was a bad day. Not to sound toO depressing, but it was truly a really bad day. Well, the first half at least. I think too much stress built up and I went over the edge.
I found out what my bad day remedy is....

Are you ready?

First: take a two hour nap (this is a must and without it nothing good can follow)
Second: Have your boyfriend come over and snuggle with you a bit and then tickle you until you actually wake up.
Third: Beat your boyfriend at Mario Kart, which never happens. It really helps if he hasn't played in over a month so he's not as good!
Fourth: Go to a Mary Kay meeting with a friend. You may not know her really well, but that's okay because she's amazing and every time you are with her she makes you laugh!
Fifth: (Stay with me on this one) Go to the library and try to study with two girlfriends BUT INSTEAD end up gabbing about you weird OCD problems (hey I love having my closet color-coded).
Sixth: Avoid the ghetto that lives in apt. 1 by having the boyfriend come pick you up, and then have him give you a back-rub!


1 comment:

Danielle said...

I rather like this remedy!!! :D