Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's Wednesday, middle of the week, and I am done! I have decided I am quitting this week. This week is dead to me, gone, I am walking away from it, going to next week. Next week looks amazing! Why hello next week! How are you? Great, I am going to come hang out with you early, as long as that is alright with you!!
No but seriously, I have had a ton going on this week! Between work, interviews, exams, quizzes, group projects, studying for exams, trying to get stuff for Marci's Vegas plane package, etc. I have had no time to breathe! Or shower, but that's not important, right?!
Tonight after my exam and my group meeting, I am going to go home, finish my project that is due tomorrow in my lab, hold on to Marci and not let go as I cry as she leaves me to go party in Vegas, and try to get some sleep before my lovely 530am wake-up call for my lab. I might wake up even earlier to do that whole showering-thing, buts its been so long, my body may go into shock.
Tomorrow after lab and class, I will be going to a Mary Kay Meeting, where I'll be able to see my sister, which is always nice, but after that it'll be back to studying for a test on Friday. Friday is a full day of classes, including an exam, and then closing at the Deli. Saturday and Sunday aren't any better because they consist of double shifts on both days.
So next week better be ready because I've never been so excited for it!!

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JTS said...

wow. Sounds to me like you need to take some time for yourself next week. This is definitely one of those weeks that you just need to power through. Good luck.