Friday, October 30, 2009

New York City

I'm going to New York City!!!! I am so excited! I leave in a week, our flight leaves at 6am. This means that I will have to leave home around 2am to make sure I get to the airport, get through security and be on my way to NYC! This also means, that I will probably not sleep at all next week with all of my excitement (for NYC). I am going as part of a group through K-State, and we will be attending the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show (the IH/M&RS).

For Friday and Saturday night, a girl from my class and me will be staying in the Upper West Side in Hotell 99, and Sunday-Wednesday we will be meeting up with the rest of our group to stay at the Double Tree which is in Times Square, talk about crazy!! I am hoping to be able to see even 3% of NYC in the brief time I am there. Most of the time we will be able to do as we please, but one day we will have to go to the show and another day we will tour a couple different hotels (what, do they think this is my major or something?!? oh wait...) but all of that should be fun too, just not as fun as being in NYC for the first time.

I am truly blessed to have this oppurtunity and ask everyone to pray for my classmates and me to have a safe flight and a safe time there!

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