Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chicago - Part Duece

On Sunday, the second day we were there, my friend Jene and I decided to walk down to Navy Pier and check it all out. It was the last day of Marine week, so we knew the scenery had to be good (wink wink)!

The first glimpse of it as we were walking.

Tugboats on Lake Michigan.

The famous ferris wheel, it is actually in the place where a man named Ferris built the first wheel : ) No but seriously, true story!

As we walked down the pier, there were several small food shops where you could buy gyros, cotton candy, etc and also places to buy tickets to shows for that evening. Along with the ferris wheel, there was a miniture golf course, a mary-go-round, and other fun things you could do.

The best part though was when I stumbled upon where my two boyfriends live:

That's right, every moment I can, I snuggle up with Ben & Jerry! Chunky Monkey all the way!

As we kept walking I saw this huge yacht, which I thought had to belong to someone extremely rich, I got super excited to see it up close! As we were walking closer to it, I see people on board cleaning it and so on, and than all of a sudden one of them approached us to see if we could buy tickets....yes, it was just some touristy-huge-yacht ment to trick those of us who never see huge yachts into thinking its super fancy, when really you can pay $30 to get a ride at night and maybe even a meal. I was so disappointed, BUT I still took a picture!

After the sweet yacht, we just walked around some more and took pictures of the lake and different sites in Chicago:

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Miranda's Minutes said...

Where's the pictures of the nice scenery from Marine week? That's what I want to know.